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Sitemap 2013 04 03 17.10.43 300x225 B mobile VII   Android: Land of opportunities! Christof Wittig – CEO of madvertise – will kick-off the evening. Manuel Loistl from Developers on Demand will give an overview on all things Android related: market share, devices, opportunities. Lutz Koch from Apiomat will give a live demonstration of how to use a backend service to develop an Android app. Christian Paulus from Half Real Games will talk about the Android game he and his team is developing. Evgeny Ter-Avakyan from the Yandex team will show us how to market your Android app in Russia through alternative app-stores. Mobile geek Sascha Pallenberg flew into town directly from Taiwan with fresh numbers that show that cheap Android tablets will take over. He also tells us why Facebook home is for teenies. Raanan Nevet will present their service RefreshMe which helps you remember contacts quickly. Another brain stimulator is presented by Simon Smend. Simon will showcase an alternative unlock screen for Android called UnlockYourBrain. How easy it can and should be to exchange files is explained by Christian Beier. He and his team work on Shoutr. Markus Juninger will tell us about their challenges and surprises during development and after the release of their app Prime Guide.