B-mobile VIII – Better test X-device!

B mobile 200x300 B mobile VIII   Better test X device! B-mobile is ushering in the Fall with an October event you don’t want to miss! We’ll be meeting in the heart of Kreuzberg at the new Open Device Lab. Cross-development, across platforms is not just a trend, but a business-model reality for Berlin’s young, tech entrepreneurs. Come to learn more about great topics like Sencha, Jquery Mobile, PhoneGap and the like. Entrance fee will be 10 Euro per person.

B-mobile VIII – Better test X-device!

Be surprised by our speaker line-up of the night!

B-mobile VII – Speakers at Android: Land of opportunities!

B mobile VII Event Crowd 300x200 B mobile VII   Speakers at Android: Land of opportunities! The Android community met on the evening of the 1st conference day of Droidcon 2013 at another B-mobile event. In the trendy neighborhood “Xberg” right along the Paul-Lincke-Ufer around 60 droids and mobilers came together in the nice office of madvertise. Right from the beginning on guests from all over the world networked intensively while having cold drinks. The night proceeded with serious business.

B mobile VII Christof Wittig madvertise 300x200 B mobile VII   Speakers at Android: Land of opportunities! Christof Wittig, CEO of madvertise (madvertise.com), presented the activities of his company. The Berlin based start-up is one of the most successful ad networks in the mobile world – largely thanks to sophisticated data analysis. He invited to join him in building a successful startup hub in Berlin which can compete with the Silicon Valley and London.

Android is the #1!

B mobile VII Manuel Loistl Android winning the OS race 300x200 B mobile VII   Speakers at Android: Land of opportunities! Manuel Loistl of Developers on demand (www.developers-on-demand.com) showed Android’s impressive growth story. Winning all around the globe. Winning market after market. You’ll find sources to his stats here. The presentation followed a short discussion about chances for alternative mobile operating systems.

B mobile VII Christian Beier shoutr 300x200 B mobile VII   Speakers at Android: Land of opportunities! Christian Beier – Co-founder of shoutr – presented the first app of the evening. A service for sharing photos, videos and documents via an ad-hoc Wifi network from one Android phone to another. Shoutr (shoutr.net) is interesting for events by providing location-based informations for participants.

Either… or? -> as well as…

B mobile VII Christian Paulus HalfRealGames 300x200 B mobile VII   Speakers at Android: Land of opportunities! Co-Founder Christian Paulus of halfreal games (halfrealgames.com) presented the fascinating idea of ​​a mobile social-games network. Gamble with many other mobile gamers locally and globally. The guys have a very promising concept and are looking for some additional funding. If you have reasonably deep pockets get in touch with them!

B mobile VII Raanan Nevet RefreshMe app 300x200 B mobile VII   Speakers at Android: Land of opportunities! Raanan Nevet of RefreshMe (getrefresh.me) is working on a completely different solution. RefreshMe enables you to have a look at your notes before accepting a call. So always be informed about your caller. RefreshMe from Berlin is also open to include more information ideas in their Android app.

Pay attention to the rant!

B mobile VII Sascha Pallenberg Facebook Home Rant 300x200 B mobile VII   Speakers at Android: Land of opportunities! Sascha Pallenberg of Mobilegeeks (www.mobilegeeks.de) entertained the attendees with his rant on the new Facebook Home for Android. His prediction: Facebook’s try to hijack the smartphone users’ lock screen will lead to dissatisfied Facebook users and finally instant Facebook Home uninstalls. His drastic opinion lead to an immediate discussion.

B mobile VII Markus Juninger PrimeGuide 300x200 B mobile VII   Speakers at Android: Land of opportunities! Markus Juninger showed the TV app Prime Guide (www.primeguide.tv) for Android phones, tablets and Google TV. In addition to a sexy look and feel for all German TV stations, the app also integrates information from databases like IMDB and Wikipedia. Having more than 100,000 users Prime Guide is one of the most popular TV apps for Android in Germany.

Access for your Phone!? What’s 38+57?

B mobile VII Simon Smend UnlockYourBrain 300x200 B mobile VII   Speakers at Android: Land of opportunities! Simon Smend impressed the mobile community with UnlockYourBrain (www.unlockyourbrain.com) – a new phone locker. Instead of simply only drawing a pattern UnlockYourBrain users have to solve a math equation before re-gaining access to their phone. By doing so they continuously “unlock” their brain and refresh arithmetic skills.

B mobile VII Lutz Koch apiOmat 300x200 B mobile VII   Speakers at Android: Land of opportunities! Lutz Koch topic of the evening: The backend of a mobile app with apiOmat (www.apiomat.com). Lutz’ promise: Have a working backend for your app project within just 15 minutes with apiOmat by using their backend-as-a-service solution. This clearly is a make or buy decision.

One Platform for all apps

B mobile VII Timur Dyussebayev AppDF 300x200 B mobile VII   Speakers at Android: Land of opportunities! B-mobile didn’t only have guests from London and Taipei but also from Russia. Timur Dyussebayev of the Russian search engine of choice Yandex (www.yandex.ru) explained the One Platform Foundation (www.onepf.org). With the open AppDF developers can submit their apps simultaneously to multiple Android marketplaces. Convenient and time-saving.

B mobile VII Event Visitors B mobile VII   Speakers at Android: Land of opportunities!

We are looking forward to having 100% mobile presentations at B-mobile VIII in May. Apply for one of the eight slots! Applications are open now! Send us your deck for your 3 minute presentation to slides Kai-Christian and the team will get in touch with you instantly.

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madvertise kitchen - Location of B-mobile VII

B-mobile VII – Android: Land of opportunities!

B mobile 200x300 B mobile VII   Android: Land of opportunities! For all those mobilies interested in the Android ecosystem, like half of the organizers on the B-mobile team, we are delighted to invite you to our Android special.

This B-mobile event invites all those techies and innovators who are in town for the droicon to join us during the evening hours for a short round of eight talks, relaxed networking before and after the talks and drinks and food sponsored by madvertise.

B-mobile VII – Android: Land of opportunities!

  • Tuesday, 9th of April
  • madvertise Office, Berlin
  • Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/40, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • Doors open: 19 o’clock
  • Start: 19.30 o’clock
  • Sign-up here

Admission is free but make sure you are on the list! We still have a couple slots for a talk. If you have an Android topic you are excited to speak about please get in touch with us.

Line-up of the night

2013 04 03 17.10.43 300x225 B mobile VII   Android: Land of opportunities! Christof Wittig – CEO of madvertise – will kick-off the evening. Manuel Loistl from Developers on Demand will give an overview on all things Android related: market share, devices, opportunities. Lutz Koch from Apiomat will give a live demonstration of how to use a backend service to develop an Android app. Christian Paulus from Half Real Games will talk about the Android game he and his team is developing. Evgeny Ter-Avakyan from the Yandex team will show us how to market your Android app in Russia through alternative app-stores. Mobile geek Sascha Pallenberg flew into town directly from Taiwan with fresh numbers that show that cheap Android tablets will take over. He also tells us why Facebook home is for teenies. Raanan Nevet will present their service RefreshMe which helps you remember contacts quickly. Another brain stimulator is presented by Simon Smend. Simon will showcase an alternative unlock screen for Android called UnlockYourBrain. How easy it can and should be to exchange files is explained by Christian Beier. He and his team work on Shoutr. Markus Juninger will tell us about their challenges and surprises during development and after the release of their app Prime Guide.

We are expecting a full house! Don’t miss the mobile innovations of the day and the networking with delicious snacks and free drinks.

B-mobile? The way to go, mate!

DSCF73821 300x225 B mobile? The way to go, mate!A start-up’s loft and 60 mobilies: B-mobile VI on March, 14th took place at Waymate (www.waymate.de) – the smart travel app “Made in Berlin“. On the couches in the living room and in the kitchen of the former loft of one of Berlins most famouse club owners it became instantly cozy.


100% visual: Zoobe and openKMQ3D

DSCF7385 300x225 B mobile? The way to go, mate!


Monica from Zoobe (www.zoobe.com) kicked off the presentations. Animated talking characters enable users to convert boring messages into entertaining chats with friends. 100k+ app-downloads are proof of Zoobe’s success.




Visually interestingly Thomas of openKMQ3D (@openKMQ3D) was next. His stereoscopy technique can transform 2D into 3D videos to watch on tablets and smartphones.

100% cool: YOC and the CityShopperApp

Dirk Freytag, YOC AG’s new CEO (www.yoc.com) gave Berlin’s mobilies insights into YOC’s activities. After a short intro a video illustrated how “Mobile Advertising rocks” with different possibilities to advertise in the mobile space. YOC’s mobile ad solutions are useful for brands to advertise their apps as well as publishers to monetize their content.

DSCF7403 300x225 B mobile? The way to go, mate!

Johara – Cityshopperapp

Right afterwards we had Johara with her cool new App CityShopperApp (www.cityshopperapp.com). With the personal shopping app you can find the hottest trends in the best fashion shops of the city.

100% right: PR and Phonebooks

DSCF7406 300x225 B mobile? The way to go, mate!For everyone who wants to do business internationally Bill Glucroft, an American communications expert (about.me/billglucroft) showed in an entertaining way how to avoid mistakes and false friends when trying to expand from Germany only to international and thus English-speaking markets.


Phonedeck (phonedeck.com) is the solution to regain control of your address book. Alexander showed us how to have your contacts synced on every mobile device you use – no matter which one.

100% see: favor.it and archify

DSCF7464 300x225 B mobile? The way to go, mate!


All Business Local” with favor.it (www.favor.it). Josha showed us how to find and buy special offers and bargains that are close-by to where you are geographically at the moment with the favor.it iPhone app.




Archify (www.archify.com) is your tool to capture everything you do on the web, so you can find your stuff later. While working already perfectly on the desktop mobile solutions are in the making. Max showed us an impressive demo of their about to release Android solution.

100% move: Pgnbx and uber

Bojan´s solution Pgnbx (www.pgnbx.com) helps us to find videos that we have previously discovered on different platforms. Pgnbx as the Spotify for Videos!? Stay tuned!

DSCF7440 300x225 B mobile? The way to go, mate!


Already available: uber (www.uber.com) – the personal limousine service from San Francisco. Book your uber directly from your mobile device!


100% news worthy: spreaker and Phablets

Spread news verbally: Francis’ spreaker (www.spreaker.com). Start your own live radio including voice and music. Telling an interesting story of one of its users Francis made very obvious how spreaker can be used.

DSCF7474 300x225 B mobile? The way to go, mate!

Daniil – Tblt

New and news worthy are the oversized “Phablets” with a bigger than 5 inches display. Daniil of tblt.de (www.tblt.de) introduced us to the new world of “Phablets“: Oversized smartphones that are size-wise in between a PHone and a tABLET.


100% Android: Testobject

DSCF7483 300x225 B mobile? The way to go, mate!


Last but not least: Yael from Testobject (www.testobject.com), also “Made in Berlin” demoed the current stage of her unique company Testobject. Testobject enables Android-app developers to test their app on 100+ different Android devices without the need to have the devices at hand. Impressive.


Thanks @everyone for presenting and making B-mobile VI such a nice event!

Have a look at our Facebook-Page for more Pictures of the past events -> http://fb.com/bmobileevents

B-mobile VI – Way to go, mate!

B mobile 200x300 B mobile VI   Way to go, mate! We have a date, a sponsor and a magnificent location for our next event: B-mobile VI – Way to go, mate!

Room, drinks and food sponsor is: Waymate. We will meet at their office which has a huge roof-deck with an astonishing view over downtown Berlin. B-mobile VI is happening the evening before the Startup Camp Berlin starts. So any mobile founders and/or mobilies from out of town attending the Startup Camp have the chance to join us as well.

Mark the 14th of March 2013 in your calendar. We will have yet another great mobile event! One thing to note though. As we are on the top floor and there is no elevator the location is not handicapped friendly. We are truely sorry about that!

  • B-mobile VI – Way to go, mate!
  • Thursday, 14th of March 2013
  • Waymate Office, Berlin
  • Torstraße 109, 10119 Berlin
  • Doors open: 19 o’clock
  • Start: 19.30 o’clock
  • Register here

We can already announce two very exciting projects. The CEO of Archify Max Kossatz is presenting their brand new mobile app which is released just ahead of B-mobile VI. We are also expecting Francesco Baschieri – CEO and founder of Spreaker. If you want to be a speaker at our next event please contact us here.

Loc@Yoc – Mobile is the answer!

2013 01 24 20.06 225x300 Loc@Yoc   Mobile is the answer!Am 24. Januar d. J. traf sich Berlins Mobile-Szene bei YOC in der Karl-Liebknecht-Straße am Alex. Gespannt waren wir auf die Startups, die sich diesesmal der Berliner Community stellen würden. Und wir wurden nicht enttäuscht:

Den Auftakt machte Luis-Daniel Alegría mit der Event-App VAMOS. Die Android- und iOS-App vereint die Facebook-Termine von Freunden in einem übersichtlichen Interface. Mussten wir bislang nach Events unserer Buddys mühsam suchen, wird dies mit VAMOS zum Kinderspiel. In Zukunft werden weitere Plattformen eingebunden, z. B. Linkedin, Plancast oder Meetup.

Mit BLINKIST stellte uns Niklas Jansen einen der aktuellen Shootingstars der Startup-Szene vor. Die iPhone-App spart jede Menge Zeit, denn sie liefert uns praktische Zusammenfassungen all jener Sachbücher, die wir längst lesen wollten … und es doch nicht geschafft haben. Wer Lust auf mehr bekommen hat, kann über die App Bücher nach Hause liefern lassen.

Ebenfalls aus der Kategorie “Spannend” präsentierte Maxim Nohroudi die Mobility-App WAYMATE. Waymate vereint ÖPNV-Apps wie ÖFFI (Android), den Bahn-Navigator, die Car-Sharing-Apps von Car2Go und Drive Now sowie Taxi-Services (z. B. MyTaxi). Waymate vergleicht die Fahrzeit und den Fahrpreis der verschiedenen Möglichkeiten. In Zukunft kann man über die App auch direkt buchen – von Tickets bis Taxi.

Noch ganz am Anfang steht SWITCHBOARDIT. Das agile Team um Andrew Santos arbeitet an einem unabhängigen Adressbuch für unsere Smartphones. Im Gegensatz zum altbekannten Telefonbuch will SwitchBoardit alle Adressen an einem Platz vereinen – auch wenn wir mal das Phone wechseln. Wir wünschen den Jungs bei ihrem Projekt auf jeden Fall viel Erfolg und sind gespannt auf die erste Public-App.

Noch in der Konzpetion ist STOPSHOPPER von mCrumbs-Gründer Martin Adam. Per App checken wir uns künftig an Bahnhöfen oder Haltestellen ein und bestellen in Bus oder Bahn via App im virtuellen Supermarkt. Am Abend warten unsere Einkäufe  genau dort, wo wir uns eingecheckt haben. Eine super-interessante Idee, dem Lieferservice von Supermärkten Beine zu machen.

Für die Coder und Projektmanager waren besonders die Sessions zum Thema Development interessant: Zum Einen stellte ImmobilienScout-Mobile-Entwickler Felix Schulze Continuous Integration for iOS vor. Ziel: Einfacher Builts bauen und besser testen können. Weiteres Projekt: TestObject – ein Online-Test-Service für Android-Apps – vorgestellt von Hannes Lenke. Seine TU-Ausgründung kann mit dem Dienst Entwicklern qualifiziertes Feedback zu den Funktionen ihrer Apps geben.2013 01 24 19.13.29 300x225 Loc@Yoc   Mobile is the answer!Wenn auch Ihr eine tolle App habt oder eine Idee, die die Welt verändert - kommt zum nächsten B-mobile Event und stellt Eure App persönlich vor! Meldet Euch einfach über unsere Kontaktseite!



B-mobile V – Loc@Yoc

B mobile 200x300 B mobile V   Loc@Yoc We are happy to announce our next event: B-mobile V – Loc@Yoc. Join us on Thursday, the 24th of January starting at 7pm at Yoc headquarters Berlin for some fantastic talks about location based services and related mobile topics. There will be free drinks and snacks.

  • B-mobile V – Loc@Yoc
  • Thursday, 24th of January starting at 7pm
  • Yoc, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 1, 10178 Berlin
  • Admission is free but you need to sign-up here

If you want to present a mobile innovation please get in touch with us. We are looking forward to have talks from Waymate, SwitchBoardIt, Felix Schulze. – Senior Mobile Developer at ImmobilienScout24 and Blinkist – the first project vom Deutsche Telekom’s hub:raum.

B-mobile IV – Hi on Glühwein@Google

Google Office Berlin

After 3 fantastic B-mobile events we’re happy to invite you to our X-mas edition of B-mobile at the Google office in Berlin.

Before it’s time for Glühwein and Stollen you have the last chance this year to tell the B-Mobile-Crowd about your mobile project, mobile-technology or even a mobile StartUp. Show the next killer app, discuss your topic and get rich & famous afterwards. Glühwein@Google is the best place to do so.


  • Tuesday, 18th December 2012, Start: 7 p.m.
  • Google office Berlin, Unter den Linden 14, 10117 Berlin
  • Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/XJ4nf
  • Bus: Unter den Linden/Friedrichstraße, U+S Friedrichstraße

You have to register here in the following days to get admission.

Simply sign-up, show up and show your 3-minute-presentation in front of the B-Mobile-Crowd. If you want to use slides it would make it way easier for us if you could send your slides to Kai-Christan (slides) in advance. After the great presentations we will have time for networking as well as additional hot Glühwein and Christstollen.

More infos at facebook.com/bmobileevents and meetup.com/B-mobile. Check it out!

* * *

A special thanks to Google as our host and to our sponsors yuilop and SPREEFACTORY.

Speaker – B-mobile III

So we did it again. Thank you for coming out even when it is getting dark so soon! icon smile Speaker   B mobile III Well, you did bring the light and we could hear some fantastic talks, tips and opinions.

Our speakers this time were as follows:

2012 11 14 Marius Kraemer Wingman app 225x300 Speaker   B mobile III

Marius Kraemer – Wingman app


2012 11 14 Anthony Barba Might app 225x300 Speaker   B mobile III

Anthony Barba – Might


We had a limited amount of speakers this time so we went into more detail and answered a lot of questions. If you want feedback on your mobile project – no matter if code, mobile site, app or what else – make sure to visit our next event and present your stuff.

Furthermore Felix is looking for a technical co-founder (app specialist) to found a game studio. If you are interested please contact us.

Developers might also be interested in the BARCELONA DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE 2012. Check out their website.

B-mobile IV is happening soon. You get updates either on our blog, by email, on Meetup, Facebook, Twitter. So make sure to subscribe to our feed, mailing list or become a member or friend!

B-mobile III – Bring the light

B mobile 200x300 B mobile III   Bring the light Wir sind uns jetzt schon sicher, B-mobile III – Bring the light wird der Burner! Sei dabei und erlebe mobile Innovationen aus erster Hand! Nächsten Mittwoch, den 14. November 2012 öffnen sich wieder die Türen um 19 Uhr im BASE_camp für euch. Veranstaltungsbeginn ist um 19.30 Uhr. Das Ende ist offen, aber erfahrungsgemäß geht es so bis 22.30 Uhr im offiziellen Rahmen.

  • Was: B-mobile III – Bring the light
  • Wann: Mittwoch, 14. November 2012 ab 19 Uhr
  • Wo: BASE_camp, Mittelstr. 51-53, 10117
  • Wer: Mobile Enthusiasten
  • Wie: Vorbeikommen, Eintritt ist frei. Anmeldung erbeten über Meetup oder hier.

A note to our English speaking audience. The moderation and (most of) the talks will be held in English. Please have a look at our English website of B-mobile!